Crowd Pleasing Pasta Salad

You know how there is always one salad that someone is always asked to bring to a BBQ?  for my mom, it is her potato salad.  People have tried to reproduce it, and cannot get it exactly the same.

For me, it is my pasta salad.  It is creamy decliciousness in a bowl (or plate) and so easy to make.


Here is how I make it, and I promise, it is so easy to do, and you will get so many compliments.

Prepare your pasta according to package directions.  I like to use a curly pasta like rotini or scoobi doo, the dressing seems to stick better to it.

While the pasta is boiling cut up your veggies.  You can add whatever you have on hand.  The ones I always use are carrots, celery, cucumber, radish.  If I happen to have cherry tomatoes I will toss those in too.

Next comes cheese.  In our house it means lots and lots of cheese.  We like cheese!

All veggies shoulf be cut in bite size pieces, and I cut the cheese in to little cubes.
And now for the secret sauce: it is peppercorn ranch dressing!  Add in as much or as little as you like.  I tend to go a little saucier as my family likes it better that way.


See, easy peasy.  Make one of these for your next gathering and get prepared for lots of compliments!