I Can Knit

I decided shortly before Christmas that I wanted to teach myself how to knit.  I have always wanted to learn, but I don’t really know anyone who does it other than family who live 4 hours north of me.

So I got on youtube and found some great videos that taught me the very basics.  I started out by making three different dish cloths, using three different knitting techniques.


My next project was a pair of slippers.  I found the easiest pattern that I could on ravelry.com   This was my first time following a pattern, and it turned out I had questions, and encountered some new stitches.  For help, I have found an amazing website that I highly recommend, it has videos for just about anything knitting to show you how to do it.


I am currently working on a scarf for B that he asked me to make.  But I wanted to share something else that I learned how to do recently, arm knitting!  I saw a video on Pinterest on how to knit an scarf in half an hour and thought I would give it a try.  I have made three so far and they are so easy!

It took me a little longer than the half hour to do it, and hour and twenty minutes to be exact, but the results are so pretty, and I have had requests from people already. Here is the video if you want to learn how to do it.  All you need is two skeins of bulky yarn, your arms, and an hour of spare time.




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